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Thymuskin Shampoo, Hair Treatment Lotion & Hair Gel 6 to 8 month Value Pack


Thymuskin Hair Treatment

In the form of a biologically active solution, the Hair Treatment also contains the hydrolyzed thymus peptides (300 angstroms in length) which diffuse themselves into the hair follicle. Stimulates and activates new hair growth from dormant hair follicles and fights against androgenetic (hereditary) hair loss and dandruff. The Hair Treatment does not leave any residue and will penetrate deeply into the scalp with a light manual message. Thymuskin Treatment actively revitalizes and intensively nourishes the scalp and hair roots. Most effective when used in conjunction with Thymuskin Shampoo.

Thymuskin Med Hair-treatment Gel

Thymuskin med Hair Treatment Gel is intended for use on dry or seborrheic scalps and where balding is already present. Thymuskin med Hair Treatment Gel demonstrates very good results in both women and men. Thanks to the higher concentration of active Thymuskin ingredients and its special production process, the gel is free of side-effects and helps the hair and scalp to quickly regain their normal condition.

Thymuskin med Hair Treatment Gel achieves lasting success in preventing congenital hair loss and activating new hair growth.

Thymuskin med Hair Treatment Gel is effective for

  • severe hair loss and bald patches, which have been present for up to 3 years
  • dry scalps
  • seborrheic scalps
  • and has no side-effects

The treatment gel can be used in the morning or evening in addition to the Thymuskin Hair Treatment Conditioner, or as a treatment by itself. You should, however, ensure that the scalp and hair are washed thoroughly with Thymuskin med Shampoo beforehand.

  • Against severe androgenetic hairloss.
  • Activates new hair growth.

Thymuskin med is a complementary range of care products for severe hair loss (more than 150 hairs). Even for constitutional, partial hair loss, the active Thymuskin ingredient has a revitalising effect on the hair that is still present. It stimulates the follicles that remain active, leading to the formation of new hair.

Five things you should know about Thymuskin

  1. Thymuskin stopd hair loss and activates new hair growth and regeneration.
  2. Thymuskin also has a proven effect on very severe, congenital hair loss.
  3. It has proved successful for over 25 years for millions of people with hair and skin problems.
  4. It contains a unique active ingredient complex made from nature-identical Thymuskin peptides and vitamins.
  5. Its postive effects have been confirmed by several skin clinics and university hospitals in Germany.

ThymuSkin Shampoo (Blue)

ThymuSkin Shampoo is biologically active, and cleans and nourishes the hair and scalp. At the same time, it infuses vital nutrients into the hair, addressing the hair loss condition. Basically, it is a scalp cleanser preparing the scalp for the treatment. The two most important important formulations to use are the shampoo and treatment lotion. These two products work synergistically and should be purchased together to begin the program.

Thymuskin Hair Treatment

Thymuskin Med Hair-treatment Gel

ThymuSkin Shampoo (Blue)