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Shou Wu Tablets for Grey Hair


The prepared fleeceflower root extract nourishes liver, invigorates the kidney and strengthens sinews and bones. It is useful to chronic deficiencies of liver, affecting vitality and menstruation. It helps to relieve symptoms of headaches, eye pain, dizziness. Benefits lower back and joint aching due to weak kidney. (Size - 100 Tablets)

In traditional oriental medicine practice, the Shou-Wu formula is primarily a liver tonic for men and women. It helps to restore normal hair color for those who are turning gray. It also strengthens tendons, benefits the eyes and nourishes blood. It has long been the favored ingredient in most Chinese herbal extract supplements all containing various amounts of Shou Wu.

The active ingredient is Shou Wu (Radix Polygonum Multiflorum) root and it must be taken for several months in order to restore normal hair color. It is often prescribed with Chinese Angelica root, wolfbery fruit and dodder seed as in hair beauty pill or formulas for restoration to normal hair color and prevention grey hair.

Active Ingredients

Radix Polygoni Multiflori (Fo-Ti Root Extract), Sugar, talc, cornstarch, magnesium stearate, zein, and FD&C Red No. 3.

Supplement Facts
  Amount Per Serving
Calories 5
Fo-Ti (He-Shou-Wu) Root Extract 1.8g

Take 2 tablets at a time, twice a day with warm water