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Polaris Nr-02 шампунь для стимуляции роста влос содержит Миноксидил и Финастерид


Шампунь содержит миноксидил и финастерид для стимулции роста волос и уменьшения уровня гормона ДГТ

Шампунт Polaris NR-02 сочетает в себе миноксидил и финастерид, эти два компонента с исключительно хорошей эффективностью для роста волос

1.5% Миноксидил, 0.05% Финастерид, Кератин, Panthenolplex

Men at any stage of hair loss can begin regrowth just by shampooing regularly with Polaris NR-02. The formula combines both minoxidil and finasteride, delivered conveniently in a gentle, ultra-premium shampoo. Minoxidil restores the vertex of the scalp by increasing follicle size and fiber thickness, extending anagen growth phase for more and longer strands, and opening potassium channels to boost cellular energy. Finasteride works at the vertex and beyond by inhibiting the enzyme 5-reductase, thus blocking the hormone dihydrotestosterone, and by lengthening anagen growth phase.

What makes premium Polaris NR-02 uniquely effective?

    Minoxidil restores the vertex.
    Finasteride suppresses androgens.
    Sulfate-free formula maintains a healthy scalp.

Who needs premium Polaris NR-02 shampoo?

    Men balding at the vertex of the scalp
    Men balding on top of the head
    Men thinning generally

How minoxidil restores growth on the vertex

    Retains and regrows hair on the crown of the scalp.
    Increases follicle size, fiber thickness, and length.
    Extends the anagen growth phase of follicles.
    Opens potassium channels to boost cell energy.
    Has been proven effective in hundreds of studies.

How finasteride suppresses damaging androgens

    Inhibits the enzyme 5-reductase to block the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
    Stops DHT from damaging follicles.
    Lengthens anagen growth and production of hair.
    Works on both the vertex and middle of the scalp.
    Proven effective for 90 percent of men in studies.

Safety warnings

This product is not for use by women. Finasteride has been shown to cause birth defects in women who are pregnant or may become pregnant. Exercise caution to ensure this product is not handled or used by women.

Minoxidil has been shown to increase unwanted body hair. Users should be sure they apply this product only to the scalp. Rinse any excess quickly to avoid prolonged contact with other parts of the body.

Usage directions

Polaris NR-02 shampoo is for men only. Women should not use or handle this product. For best results, apply the shampoo to wet hair, lather, and rinse. Repeat and leave on for 1–2 minutes. Use daily to control hair loss.

1.5% Minoxidil, 0.05% Finasteride, Keratin, Panthenolplex