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Polaris Nr-10 в виде крема


16% minoxidil

16% миноксидил

NR-10 is the most potent hair-growth treatment that we can make. It represents the absolute state of the art in topical hair loss therapy.

NR-10 is a potent hair growth treatment with highest concentration of minoxidil at 16%, finasteride, and other supporting auxiliary agents designed specifically for advanced stages of baldness. Additionally, NR-10 provides highly bioavailable collagen and elastin both of which breakdown significantly in aging scalps and men who have been experiencing hair loss longer than 5 years. By increasing skin elasticity hair follicles are able to anchor better to the scalp. In a lotion base for easy application NR-10 is easier to apply for men who have large areas of baldness or men who have very short hair. It is the most potent treatment from Polaris Research and provides a powerful new tool to maintain and grow healthy hair.


This treatment features the highest levels of state-of-the-art components:


    16% Minoxidil
    0.1% Finasteride
    Multi-peptide Complex
    Vitamin Complex
    Zero alcohol

Additionally, this treatment deploys the most advanced delivery system with particles that are extraordinarily stable at all temperatures and can withstand all kinds of mechanical shearing. This unique system enables actives ingredients to reach the target site of treatment better and to perform in the skin longer.

16% Minodixil, 0.1% Finasteride, collagen, Elastin, Multi-peptide complex, Vitamin Complex (Zero Alcohol)

NR-02 Шампунь и NR-10 не предназначены для использования женщинами.