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Polaris NR-08


Polaris NR 08 самое сильное средство в мире против выпадения волос

Новая и улучшенная формула !

миноксидил сульфат 7% энкаплусированный в липосферы что дает ему возможножность проникать еще глубже в кожу головы 

также в этом лосьоне содержаться все небходимые витамины для волос

экстракты из растений

амино кислоты

также содержит Azelaic 5% совмещенный с други анти-ДГТ агентами

To treat androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness) more aggressively, Polaris NR-08 applies a high 7% concentration of minoxidil, compared to the standard 5% found in over-the-counter foams. Thousands of volunteers in hundreds of studies have proven minoxidil's efficacy at the vertex of the scalp. It works to retain and regrow hair by extending the anagen (growth) phase of the follicles. It may also increase follicle size and dilate blood vessels. Polaris NR-08 applies 0.5% apple polyphenol to act at the hairline as well as the vertex plus several auxiliary agents to boost the treatment's overall effectiveness. For optimal results, Liposphere technology vectors compounds deeper within the scalp for targeted activity over a longer period of time.

Polaris NR-08 treats the entire scalp — both vertex and hairline — against male pattern baldness, unlike products that depend solely on minoxidil. Polaris NR-08 contains 7% minoxidil, 0.5% apple polyphenol, and a 5% azelaic-acid ramification, plus auxiliary agents that boost its effectiveness for optimal results. Breakthrough Liposphere technology vectors the product's active ingredients deeper within the scalp for even greater productivity.

7% Minoxidil, Apple Polyphenol, Azelaic Acid Ramification, Oleanolic Acid, Adenosine, Serenoa Repens, Biotin, Retinol, Vitamin complex, GHK-Cu