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Sinere nanominox


Nanominox© - the innovative novelty on the world market of hair tonics

Active ingredients :

minoxidil 4%


sophora flavescens extract

creatine ethyl ester


cyanocobalamine (Vitamin B12)


Vehicle :

ethosomes from high quality phosphatidylcholine

ethanol  (less than 30%)

distilled water


Consistency :  liquid


Suggested use :  Apply 1 to 2 times daily to scalp and gently massage in. The product will be absorbed by the skin very fast and with virtually no visible residue. But to be sure reasonable absorption took place, let the product be absorbed for at least 10 minutes, in case you want to wash your hair after the application. For best results apply consistently.


Storage :  Store at room temperature


Product description :

Nanominox© contains 4% of minoxidil. Minoxidil is a well known hair growth promoter that must be metabolized by sulfation to the active compound, Minoxidil sulphate, before it can exert its positive effect on the proliferation of the dermal papilla cells of the hair follicle [1].

To the best of our knowledge our product is the first minoxidil containing product which uses ethosomes. Ethosomes combine the penetration enhancing effects of liposomes and ethanol and achieve a better skin penetration than bare liposomes or ethanol water mixtures.

Ethosomes are vesicles constituted of phospholipids, very similar to liposomes but produced in the presence of ethanol.

Ethosomes are characterized by a prolonged physical stability with respect to liposomes. Moreover the use of ethosomal carriers results in delivery of high concentrations of active to/through the skin regulated by system composition and their physical characteristics. Touitou and colleagues have demonstrated the major potential of ethosomes to promote drug penetration through skin with respect to liposomes [2]. An alteration of the ethosome formulation can modulate the level of penetration (restricting drug delivery to the skin only, as required for herpes labialis treatment with Zovirax, or allowing full dermal penetration as required for insulin therapy) [2]. We designed our ethosomes in a way to restrict the delivery of active substances to the skin in order to minimize systemic side effects.

The enhanced delivery of actives using ethosomes over liposomes can be ascribed to an interaction between ethosomes and skin lipids. A possible mechanism for this interaction has been proposed. It is thought that the first part of the mechanism is due to the ‘ethanol effect’, whereby intercalation of the ethanol into intercellular lipids enhances lipid fluidity and decreases the density of the lipid multilayer. This is followed by the ‘ethosome effect’, which includes interlipid penetration and permeation by the opening of new pathways due to the malleability and fusion of ethosomes with skin lipids, resulting in the release of the drug in deep layers of the skin [2]. If you want to learn more about Ethosomes we recommend these references [2,4,18,19,20].

We use high quality phosphatidylcholine for our Ethosomes. Phosphatidylcholine is a constitutient of the cell membrane of every cell of the body. In addition phosphatidylcholine is the precusor of phosphatidic acid, which has been shown to promote hair growth [3]. Therefore providing the cells with extra phosphatidylcholine is likely a good idea to boost the phosphatidic acid production of the cell and thereby to support hair growth. So the carrier system itself is also a major active ingredient, it fulfills two functions at the same time.

Our product contains less than 30% alcohol and no Propylene Glycol (PG) or PPG. These substances can dry out the skin and irritate the skin. Conventional minoxidil products contain about 30%v/v alcohol and 50%v/v Propylene Glycol (PG) and some people tend to develop allergies especially against PG. Our product is also free of additional conservation substances since the alcohol concentration is sufficiently high to do the conservation, which is a must, especially in products, which do contain phosphatidylcholine. Our ethosomes are designed to reach the lower compartments of the hair follicle, especially the dermal papilla cells and not only the sebaceous gland. Our ethosomes are also designed to lead to a build up of ethosomes in the dermis near the hair follicles and to achieve a prolonged release of active substances by the ethosomes. This retarded release effect is also an attribut of ethosomes although it is somewhat less pronounced in ethosomes than in liposomes. For example azelaic acid diffusion from ethosomal or liposomal dispersions and from ethosomes and liposomes incorporated in a viscous gel was investigated by a Franz cell assembled with synthetic membranes in [4]. Release rate was more rapid from ethosomal with respect to liposomal systems.While conventional products without ethosomes or liposomes lead to an initial peak in product concentration in the dermis followed by a rather quick decline of concentration, ethosomes or liposomes lead to a controlled, time retarded release of the active substances into the dermis near the hair follicle, which leads to a diminished initial peak and a longer sustainment of an effective concentration near the hair follicle.

Here are some citations from [2] which highlight the benefits of Ethosomes:

"Ethosomal systems were much more efficient at delivering a fluorescent probe to the skin in terms of quantity and depth, than either liposomes or hydroalcoholic solution. The ethosomal system dramatically enhanced the skin permeation of minoxidil in vitro compared with either ethanolic or hydroethanolic solution or phospholipid ethanolic micellar solution of minoxidil."

"The entrapment capacity of ethosomal vesicles as determined by ultracentrifugation was 83+-6% for minoxidil ..."

"The data of Table 2 show that the average size and size distribution remained constant for at least two years at room temperature."

"RR penetrated the mouse skin to a depth of approximately 140 micro meters from both the ethosomal system and from hydroalcoholic solution. The probe fluorescence intensity was significantly greater from the ethosomal preparation.  Deep penetration from alcohol-free liposomes was almost negligible."

"Encapsulation experiments showed that ethosomes are able to entrap both hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs."

"Using the fluorescent probe RR, we were able to visualize the penetration of a lipophilic molecule into the skin from various carriers. As expected, penetration from classic liposomes was only to the upper layers of the skin. Moreover, the amount of probe visualized was very small. In contrast, enhanced of RR in terms of depth and quantity, was observed using the ethosomal carrier. While the hydroalcoholic solution was able to facilitate penetration of RR deeply into the skin, the amount delivered was only very small relative to delivery from the ethosomal system. Ethosomes were able to enhance penetration of a relatively large quantity of probe deeply into the skin.”

“The ethosomal carrier was previously tested clinically for dermal delivery of the antiviral drug, acyclovir [21]. In that work, 5% ethosomal acyclovir was compared in a double-blind, randomized study with Zovirax (Glaxo-Wellcome). Results indicated that acyclovir delivered from an ethosomal system performed significantly better than Zovirax. For example, the average time to crusting of lesions was 1.6 vs. 4.3 days in the parallel arm and 1.8 vs. 3.5 days in the crossover arm (P,0.025), for the ethosomal acyclovir and Zovirax, respectively. In addition, a shorter healing time and higher per-of abortive lesions was observed for the ethosomal system.“

“Ethanol has long been known to have permeation-enhancing properties [4]. However, the permeation enhancement from ethosomes observed in our work is much greater than would be expected from ethanol alone, suggesting some kind of synergistic mechanism between ethanol, vesicles and skin lipids.”

Additional useful information especially for ethosomes in combination with minoxidil can be found in [20] :

"The main objective of the present work was to compare the dermal delivery of minoxidil (Mx), a lipophilic drug from ethosomes versus classic liposomes, containing different cholesterol (CHOL) concentrations."

"CLSM studies showed that ethosomal systems were much more efficient at delivering the fluorescent substance into the skin in terms of quantity and depth, than either liposomes or hydroalcoholic solutions."

“CLSMstudies showed that the fluorescent lipophilic probe, enclosed in the different formulations, reached deeper skin structures when ethanol was added to the liposomal formulation. In addition, a clear affinity of the fluorescent probe to the pilosebaceous follicle has been shown. The in vitro Mx permeation studies from liposomes and ethosomes containing different CHOL concentrations were evaluated. The results showed that when ethosomes containing Mx were applied to rat skin, lower percentage of the drug reached the receiver medium if we compared it to the hydroalcoholic Mx solution. This suggests the enhancer effect of the ethanol as well as the occlusive effect of liposomes.”

The last sentence of the last quote may indicate that ethosomes are likely able to decrease the systemic burden in comparison to conventional hydroalcoholic minoxidil solutions, which is of specail interest for people who get systemic side effects like for example heart problems from conventional hydroalcoholic minoxidil products and of course this point is also of much relevance for women who experience increased body hair growth, especially facial hair growth, from the topical application of conventional hydroalcoholic minoxidil products.

Nanominox© also contains additional substances which are carefully chosen to lead to a synergistic effect with minoxidil. Unfortunately minoxidil has the known drawback that it leads to a mild increase in 5-alpha reductase activity in the skin [5]. The 5-alpha reductase is responsible for the conversion of testosterone to the more potent androgen dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is thought to be the major cause of hair loss in androgenetic alopecia and the well known anti-hair loss drug finasteride inhibits the 5-alpha reductase and thereby the conversion or testosterone to DHT. In order to counteract this drawback of minoxidil, we decided to include Sophora flavescens extract in our product, which inhibits 5-alpha reductase, increases IGF-1 and has been shown to promote hair growth in the work of S. S. Roh et al. [6]. Another ingredient of Nanominox© is Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12). Cyanocobalamin has been shown to work synergistically with minoxidil [17]. The other substances of Nanominox© also address crucial points of intereference to counteract the mechanisms, which cause hair loss. Androgens have been shown to induce and activate TGF-ß1 in balding dermal papilla (DP) cells and inhibit epithelial cell growth [8] and DHT has been shown to stimulate the synthesis of  TGF-ß2 in DP cells which activated the catagen cascade resulting in apoptosis of epithelial cells [9]. In addition, the catagen-inducing properties of IFN- [10], BDNF [11], NGF [12], retinoic acid [13] and prolactin [14] in organ-cultured human scalp hair follicles all appear to be mediated at least in part via upregulation of TGF-ß2. Therefore, TGF-ß1, TGF-ß2 and their receptors [15] are now recognized to play a crucial role in catagen induction and androgenetic alopecia [16]. Nanominox© also counteracts TGF-beta, especially via the phosphatidylcholine since phosphatidylcholine is the precusor of phosphatidic acid and phosphatidic acid has been shown to counteract the effects of TGF-ß [3].

In our opinion Nanominox© is very likely the most powerful minoxidil product and also the most money saving topical in its class on the market to date. Inform yourself about the informations provided in the above text, take a look at the below references and search the net. The more you learn about the complicated matter of hair loss the more you will be convinced of Nanominox©.

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